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BaseVoice Rate Arbitrator:

The BaseVoice Rate Arbitrator provides the link between IP-PBXs and Carriers. Not a full featured Session Border Controller, but provides many of the feateaures at a fraction of the cost. Aggregate your end user deployments to a central switch, easing routing and billing tasks.
  • Least Cost Routing - Route calls to the least cost gateway provider.
  • Fail Over Routing - Automatically Re-Route calls to the next least cost provider in your Gateway list, until call goes through.
  • Call Detail Records - Saves CDRs to a backend database for billing. The Rate Arbitraor has a GUI front end to see CDRs in basic form
  • Route Tables by Gateway provider - Only send the traffic you want to the Carrier you want.
  • GUI Interface - Eases Carrier Gateway and Customer PBX setup.

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