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BaseVoice Products:

BaseVoice SIP Stack:
All of BaseVoice's products are built on a java based SIP stack compliant with the latest version of the JAIN SIP API 1.1.

This API is backed by the Java Community Process and allows developers to easily build SIP enabled applications in an industry compliant fashion.

BaseVoice Communications Server:
The BaseVoice Communications Server is a J2EE-based SIP Server that functions as a Proxy, Registrar and Presence Server.

It includes a web interface, allowing for easy administration, and uses a database back-end for persistance. Used successfully as a registrar service for enterprise telephony systems, proxying to soft-switch and hardware PSTN gateways and as an Intranet collaboration system for distributed development teams.

BaseVoice Rate Arbitrator:
The BaseVoice Rate Arbitrator provides the link between IP-PBXs and Carriers. Not a full featured Session Border Controller, but provides many of the feateaures at a fraction of the cost. Aggregate your end user deployments to a central switch, easing routing and billing tasks.
  • Least Cost Routing - Route calls to the least cost gateway provider.
  • Fail Over Routing - Automatically Re-Route calls to the next least cost provider in your Gateway list, until call goes through.
  • Call Detail Records - Saves CDRs to a backend database for billing. The Rate Arbitraor has a GUI front end to see CDRs in basic form
  • Route Tables by Gateway provider - Only send the traffic you want to the Carrier you want.
  • GUI Interface - Eases Carrier Gateway and Customer PBX setup.

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